Routes / Services

By Land

*Special land offers (Full Truck/Groupage) from all over the Europe and CIS countries.
*Ready Trucks in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavian Countries.
*Weekly Groupage (LTL) services from Germany and Italy.
*Pick up your partial shipments from all around the Europe to our warehouses within only 1-2 days.
*Good experience in transporting shipments by Low-Bed / Tanker and Flexi Trucks.
*Cross-Border transport from/To Europe to/from Turkey, Iraq and CIS countries.
*Transit Your shipments among all customs.
By Air
*Competitive rates FROM/TO all around the world.
*EXW service
*Customs formalities
*Courier services
*Direct or un-direct flights
By Sea

*Weekly competitive (FCL & LCL) rates from European Main ports based on EXW and FOB Like : Antwerp – Hamburg – Rotterdam – Genoa - Marseille – Gdansk and….
*We are in touch with the most active shipping lines from all ports of China (Ningbo – Shanghai – Xiamen – Shenzhen – Liyanyungangand……),Taiwan (Keelung – Kaohsiung), Japan, India, Vietnam, South Korea and also regular service FROM/TO Australia’s main ports .
*Kindly check your inquiries FROM/TO all of south and north ports of IRAN (B.Abbas – Bushehr – Chabahar – E-Khomeyini – Mahshahr -  Amirabad – Anzali)
*Also we have special monthly offers for Bulk - Break Bulk – Flat rack Container – Open Top Container and all of your over size or Over tonnage shipments FROM/TO Iran.


*Combining transports by Land, Sea, Air and Rail*

*Door to Door services (DDP & DDU) and transship FROM/TO all around the world*


Your Cargo




1.What is the difference between modes of transportation?


Mode of transportation*

Comparative Advantages

Comparative Disadvantages


Short transit time

High cost

Backlogs at the airports

Limitations for dangerous cargoes transportation


Normally average transit time

Average cost

Frequent changes in formalities of the transit countries


Low cost

Long transit time

Limitations for 

dangerous cargoes transportation



2. How is transportation value being calculated? 


Cargo volumetric weight is being calculated (according to the below table) and is compared to the physical weight of the cargo. Then the bigger figure is multiplied by price coefficient, the result of which makes the net transportation value.


Cargoes Volume-Weight Ratio

Mode of Transportation

Volume, cb.m.

Weight, kg

Ocean Freight

1 =



1 =


Truck transportation

1 =



3)      What documents are required for import purposes?


For customs clearance purposes a contract between the Shipper and the Consignee is usually required.

As shipping documentation normally 3 original copies of cargo invoice/s and necessary Certificates are required.
The Certificates may include Certificate of Origin, Certificate from National Institute of Standardization, Phyto-Sanitarian Certificate, Food Safety Certificate, Veterinarian Certificate, Certificate from National Institute of Metrology, etc. depending on the exported cargo.

Packing list is a preferable document.

Based on the above mentioned documents CMR and TIR Carnet (if applicable) are filled in, which accompany the cargo along with the invoice/s and the Certificates.

No legalization of documents is required.

Transit Cargo Transit Cargo

Air FreightAir Freight

Land FreightLand Freight

Ocean Freight Ocean Freight